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TIPS: safety on the table saw

what are your TIPS for (safely) using the table saw

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Prescription and Safety Glass Holder

Sometimes you just gotta goof off. So it was the other day. I was tired of chasing my various glasses around and just didn’t feel like being productive and tending one of the many projects that needed my attention. Put all the above together...

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Hi all, my name is John Self and I’ve been in the trades as a pro for 32 years. I have a great shop jammed into a two car garage, but garages are not for cars and trucks anyway! My favorite things to build is furniture and cabinetry. I have many...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

The New Year...

Two great things I’ve heard in the last two days… 1.) “I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing...

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I’m Chris, from Taber Alberta. Just started getting back into woodworking. Partly to restore this house that we bought last year, partly to get back into a hobby I love. I’m fascinated by the newer tools (Kreg pocket hole jig), newer safety...

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Post-Project Shop Reset; Optimizing the Small Shop

The following covers two areas: getting my shop ready for the next project, and optimizing the small shop. Post-Project Reset We each have our procedures; one of mine is that after every project, I reset the shop. The reset includes re-touching...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Ever have a Questions about Titebond Glue

If you ever had questions about the titebond glues here are your answers. This come directly from What is the best way to disassemble a glue joint? The key to the disassembly of glue...

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Do as I say not as I do AKA Don't do this at home

Hi gang As I was cutting some wood on the table saw today the thought came to me that what I was doing is not something I would recommend to my woodworking students. My father’s words came back to me “do as I say not as I do”. Because I’m a 30...

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Watch those stain rags

I’ve done a lot of stain work over the years and have always been careful with the soaked rags. This last week we were working several tables with Old Master wiping stain. The stain was Cedar but with a 3% additive of Monarch yellow penetrating...

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Resident Skills

I’ve commented, previously, that a Forum is defined by the skills and mentoring-willingness of its active members. And, there is the other side of that coin, that other members need to be asking the provocative questions to draw-out and provide a...

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Saw Stop Fence

I have had a PCS 52" 3hp Saw stop for almost 4 years now. I recently helped a guy put his new powermatic together….while it does not have the saftey benefits, I must say, the fence and miter guage are truly superior to Saw Stop. I heard...