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Which to buy first?

Hello all, I am slowly building up by tools and have been watching video’s of a Jointer/Planer and a Thickness Planer. Which do you buy first? I keep thinking the Thickness Planer, but then I can’t straighten boards – if I get the...

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Resawing with TS

I’m starting my very first woodworking project over the weekend. I’ll be building a cantilevered 3-tier sewing box for the wife. There will also be a drawer in the bottom portion. I have 4/4 KD rough cut ash in the shop now for the boxes. The...

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Malcolm & Mark

Record PT260 Planer Thicknesser

Having looked at various machines, I am very interested in a Record PT260. I was wondering if any members within reasonable distance of Birmingham (UK) have one of these machines and would be willing to have a chat and possibly show me how they...

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Joe Laviolette

For anyone doubting how strong Hot Hide glue is

I am working on a contemporary credenza/console design. I decided to use ash. After milling the rough sawn boards I discovered one was cut pretty close to the crotch. Past experience should have taught me that no matter what I do it won’t stay...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)


I found a trapped vampire today. He was frozen in a tree. The tree was destined to heat my house. For some reason I decided not to burn the log but mill a board from it. The small plaque of wood sat on a shelf until today. I made a little stand...

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I know we all work differently and often our work flow is based on different priorities. I thought it might be interesting to compare notes just for fun. While there must be certain logical ways to operate as a professional for the sake of...