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A shout out to Myrtlewood Gallery

Back in October 2013 my wife & I took a 14 day tent camping trip along the west coast from Los Angeles to almost the Washington border. We visited many galleries and was able to tour some of the work shops . I purchased...

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One Way Wolverine Dressing Jig

I have had some issue with my grinding stones getting out of round. I have tryed the diamond dressing tool that came with the grinder, even to the point where I vise gripped it down to the wolverine flat 4×4″ surface….it still is out of round. ...

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Finish for maple?

I made my wife a picture frame for Valentine’s day. We’re going out of town so no flowers can be delivered. I’m going to put a picture of us and the baby in it. Anyway, it’s made of some kind of maple and I never worked with it before. I have...

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Joe Laviolette

When good enough isn't good enough

I am working on a valet box and it’s just about finished. The last step is installing the open tray top. The top will have some leather and the center is hammer veneered with some shop sawn walnut. I finished the rest of the piece with my custom...

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Hi. My name is Mandy and I’m from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I’ve been a civil engineer for the past 25+ years. I grew up in the residential building business. My father was a manager of Lowe’s for 23 years before buying his own building...

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In Case You Are Wondering

Our family has be struck by tragedy and it is avent that is affecting me to no end . See attached link for info on this . We are trying...

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Wood phone cases I’m not sure how they do this at these prices and turn a profit. They say they’re hand made. But the idea is genius!

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Brave or Stupid?

A few of you may know I did a website for my business back in January. For the most part, my inbox remains empty, but on occasion, I do get the odd enquiry. Yes, there are the nutters “How much would it be for a bathroom cabinet?” etc.,. No...

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Admitting our dangerous (and dumb) mistakes might help others.

When I decided to start this wonderful hobby, I bought on my first trip shopping the following: a table saw, planer, a scroll saw and a drill press. Having no idea how they worked, I unpacked, set them up and plugged them in. I was of course...

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Is Scott Phillips (American Woodworker) preventing new wood workers from learning proper Joinery ?

Having a rather lazy 4th of July I decided to watch some TV. As I flicked through some channels I saw Scott Phillips making a project,so I thought I’d see what he was up to and wanted to see if he changed his approach to joinery from the last...

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David A Sylvester

Pocket Screw joinery

I heard about the pocket screw joinery several years ago and had doubts about it, than a friend convinced me to try his “Craig pocket hole jig” on my next job, I did and now I’m hooked. It makes a super tight joint with or with out glue, cuts...

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Big commission piece coming my way

I do not do my woodworking to make money because as we all know 99% of the general public will not pay for quality handmade pieces. That being said, I have a few pieces in an art gallery here and a few in a gift shop. So I get a call from a...

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I know we all work differently and often our work flow is based on different priorities. I thought it might be interesting to compare notes just for fun. While there must be certain logical ways to operate as a professional for the sake of...

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This what dreams are made of!!

I have a woodworking and golf friend who just bought an old 4 story apartment building in the city as an investment. He called me and said to come running, he had something to show me. In the dry dusty basement, we found a room full of very...

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Change Over Time

Well it’s time to finish my living room change over. Originally the room had an entertainment center, 2 coffee tables, 2 end tables, 2 couches, 2 table lamps, 2 lazy boy chairs, 1 pole lamp, 2 paintings, and various family photos. All of the hard...

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Joe Laviolette

For anyone doubting how strong Hot Hide glue is

I am working on a contemporary credenza/console design. I decided to use ash. After milling the rough sawn boards I discovered one was cut pretty close to the crotch. Past experience should have taught me that no matter what I do it won’t stay...

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Getting too Old for this kind of stuff

Sometimes I don’t think. I built this powder bath vanity in 1 pc not putting enough thought into the install. I had to scribe it to the walls…..before bringing it into the bathroom. I had to cut out for the tile base…before bringing it...

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Planer blades welded onto spindle

I haven’t been doing really any woodworking all summer, but now that the weather is changing it’s time to come back inside and get back to work. Last spring I made a couple of things using African super hardwood ekki reclaimed from a pier in the...

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Jeff B

companionway hatch for a boat

Hello all, I have been asked to build a companionway hatch. It’s a fancy name for the door to the stairs to the below deck spaces on a boat. It’s sort of like an accordion fold door in two pieces. In any case, the obvious construction method is...

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New bench in the works...

and I have a question for our resident shipwright and master of all things wedges. Paul, I was going to send you a PM but thought this might be a discussion others could benefit from. I am designing a new bench. I saw your wedge powered wagon...