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I recently managed to salvage some long scrap cut offs of zebrawood from the scrap pile where I buy my lumber. After planing I’ve managed to get a good bit of 1/4" thick by 2" wide pieces. Maybe 60’ or so. I’m looking at some ideas for boxes...

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Wheaties  -  Bruce A Wheatcroft   ( BAW Woodworking)

Hot Tub Room Advice

Debbie e-mailed me and wanted to know if I would do on article on how to build a hot tub room. I told her I would be more than happy to share my experience in building our hot tub room. The first thing on the list, whether you are putting it in a...

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Glaros Studios


Hi everyone, I just recently found this site and thought I’d say hi. I live in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. I love woodworking but I also love working with metal and stone. I am an artist. As well as doing sculptural pieces I also...

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A brief Introduction

Very brief as I still have my left hand in a brace, following an argument with a retaining wall. I’ve been a woodworker for most of my life, a collector of things old (books, tools, pottery, you name it) and perforce, a seller because that’s the...

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Hi everybody, just joined recently. I only do wood projects as a hobby, mostly weeends and holidays. Im soon to be 62 years old, and an automotive technician at a local chrysler, dodge, jeep dealership, been doing this most of my life. In my...

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Big commission piece coming my way

I do not do my woodworking to make money because as we all know 99% of the general public will not pay for quality handmade pieces. That being said, I have a few pieces in an art gallery here and a few in a gift shop. So I get a call from a...

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Change Over Time

Well it’s time to finish my living room change over. Originally the room had an entertainment center, 2 coffee tables, 2 end tables, 2 couches, 2 table lamps, 2 lazy boy chairs, 1 pole lamp, 2 paintings, and various family photos. All of the hard...

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My Introduction, Swhitey

Well, my story is as follows, originally from the North East of England, we moved down to South West France five and a half years ago where we have been renovating a 300 year old French farmhouse. We’ve been on a very tight budget, as you must...

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Scribing in, how do you do yours?

If the walls are out or there’s bumps in the floor or ceiling, I normally reach for my small Makita electric planer to work to the scribe line. I’d always have this connected to a shop vac if I was in someone’s house, and as long as I’m not...

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d fleminig

New to site

Hello All, my name is Dave. I have been a sign maker and screen printer for 35 years. Along the way I have been a framer, trim carpenter, cabinet maker, licensed pest control contractor and even taught commercial art to high school students. I...

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Movable work table

So i work out of my garage and needed a table that could house most of my tools and be movable. So i made this. I started out with the bottom frame, basic 2×4′s Then i made the top frame, but for this i did not put 2×4′s on the ends, just...

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Pallet Freak

Mark here and I’m 72 and mostly retired. I build a lot of different things exclusively from reclaimed lumber. I mostly deconstruct pallets, crates and large one off pallets used to transport heavy machinery. I have used old signs, mirrors, or...

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When life gets in the way...

…do you ever forget where you were in a project? A couple of months ago, one of my older daughters bought a house that was built in the 1920’s. It’s a concrete block 2-story monster of a duplex with a full and finished attic and a full but...

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Liability of teaching a class in my shop - Canada

Last year I gave a chevalet demonstration at a local fine art show where I was asked several times about giving courses etc. This year I have been asked to do a longer demo in which I will include some hands on time for interested viewers. I will...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

The New Year...

Two great things I’ve heard in the last two days… 1.) “I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing...

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Pricing, selling, what sells best. And woodworking videos

Hi. I am 48 and I live in Litchfield, Mn I am a devoted husband and father. I love woodworking especially scrollsawing. I like to make Christmas ornaments, crosses, wall hangings, puzzles, small games toys instruments, deco, etc. I also just...

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Solution to Door Obstruction Solution

I added a little pantry to the many projects tied to a kitchen remodel. when I built the upper door, I had to limit its height, because a curtain rod, on the wall ninety degrees to it, obstructed opening it. Keep in mind, my house has low...

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Sheathing storage

I’ll admit I’m a packrat when it comes to leftover wood, I always end up using it somewhere. I get frustrated trying to store sheeting, as there are always full size down to small pieces. I just have them leaned up against the wall in my shop and...

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What is your go-to Finish

If you had to only use one finish for the rest of your woodworking life, what would you use, and why? Finishing ranges from the extremely complex to the very simple, and I’m sure that libraries worth of books and articles have been devoted to...

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Tom Haggerty

New to the WoodworkingWeb

Hello fellow artisans and craftsmen, My name is Tom and I will be looking for tips, and projects here in the site as well as sharing some of the things I do. I am located in New Jersey and am a modest woodworker dabbling in woodburning,...