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I Have a new website ,how about your feedback?

He everyone I’ve finally upgraded my website, would you mind giving me your thoughts, I’m open to constructive ideas on what could be improved. Thanks so much, Jim

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hi, thanks for the addition to the web site. As a small humble woodworker I hope to gain a lot of knowledge from this site as well as more ideas of things to build in my hobby. thanks.

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A #4 surprise and its for sale.

You guys know I don’t post my planes for sale here very often. My web site seems to generate enough traffic to sell what I can find, and I typically can’t keep up with restoration request. But this isn’t just a “for sale” post. It’s a “holy...

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web photos

For kicks I opened up the g+ and Facebook pages for WWW and the photos are 100 times clearer than on the website. I’m using chrome on my android phone (I very rarely use a computer). The website photos are grainy and very compressed. I suppose...

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Rev. George Hutson

I am a new subscriber, but have been enjoying Woodworking web project videos for some time. I am fairly new to woodworking. However, I’m finding that I have some skills that are working well for me. In the past I was a welder fabricator, so...

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Brave or Stupid?

A few of you may know I did a website for my business back in January. For the most part, my inbox remains empty, but on occasion, I do get the odd enquiry. Yes, there are the nutters “How much would it be for a bathroom cabinet?” etc.,. No...

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Glen Pye

Building a new workshop

Well…in an effort to keep the missus happy “we” decided to buy a new house and move. It’s been about a month now and we are pretty settled in except for one, in my mind, major drawback. I lost my workshop. All my tools and supplies are...

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What woodworking sources did you learn from and are you learning from now?

Hi Gang I was thinking back when I first started woodworking,back then there was no internet so I gained a lot of my knowledge from magazines and TV shows and of course trial and error. Back then my favorite magazine was "FineWoodworking " My...

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Greg Ferdinand

What's up

I just wanted to say hello. Idont know how many LJs are over here. Partly because I’ve become very accustomed to all of your icon pictures lol, but I wanted to say hello. I think it’s great to have multiple sites talking about wood working. More...

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I see that a new heading is now up there. It is called STORE, right next to FORUMS. What is the scoop. I am sure that the website gets a percentage of the sales, which is fine by me. I use Amazon smile for my purchases, of which 1% goes to...

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Learning wood carving online

Hi Freinds I’ve had some long-term projects that have been sitting on a shelf for a long time and I decided to get them down and try and complete them.The reason I’ve put off completing these projects is they have lots of carving on them and...

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Some what new to woodworking

Hello Everyone I used to work in a shop in Calgary Alberta called Solid Stairs building spiral staircases, I was really young and didn’t fully appreciate the talent that surrounded me at the time. I recall bits and pieces of certain things and...

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I always thought its nothing but pro expensive stuff, so i never went on the website to check it out. Well i finally did it, its freaking awesome, i have my CC in front of me and so tempted to just hit that little add to cart button, but must...

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Upcoming Woodworking Events

What/where/when are the upcoming woodworking events? Please post: Date, Location, Website, and other pertinent information.

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CNC Craze


Hello everyone, my name is Suzanne and I own and operate a small woodworking business from home in Cornwall, ON Canada. I design and create complete projects for CNC routers and the Carvewright machine that include all the patterns, photos and...

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David E.

Just wanted to say Hi!....

Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m David from Jacksonville, FL. I’ve been a DIY guy ever since I was young, and within the last couple years, got more into woodworking. I feel like I’ve come a long way since I started, but I know I...

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Saw Stop Fence

I have had a PCS 52" 3hp Saw stop for almost 4 years now. I recently helped a guy put his new powermatic together….while it does not have the saftey benefits, I must say, the fence and miter guage are truly superior to Saw Stop. I heard...

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One in a thousand

Hiya all. This is such a great site. It’s so easy to post your work, discuss things in a forum, or create a blog of a project you are working on. The best part is being able to view others work and make comments ask questions, or offer help. This...

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Greetings All, I am looking to build a sled for my SawStop that I purchased last summer. Came across the Woodworking Web and found some great ideas. Great site. Thanks, -DK

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Congratulations on the site!

I just wanted to say thanks for the invite and congratulations for the new endeavor. As members – WE are the ones who are going to make this site successful, informative and fun. I have seen so much talent here on the web that I am sure having a...