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Michal Bulla

3D Printed Wooden Speaker

I just came into this article about 3D Printed Wooden Speaker – I think it looks amazing. I’m not a woodworker, but I think it should be pretty difficult to create something like this using standard techniques. What do you think?

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Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, anyone going?

I will be in the Festival this year (Sept. 5,6,7) with Friendship and would love to chat with any other members in the area that might be taking in the show. Friendship shouldn’t be hard to find and I’ll be aboard most of the time. I hope to see...

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Lessons learned...or what every new woodworker should know...

I have been accused of having a bit of a sense of humor in the past. If I can’t laugh at myself, well, I might as well die. I compiled a short list of things every new woodworker should know. Some of them are things I have learned from experience...

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Change Over Time

Well it’s time to finish my living room change over. Originally the room had an entertainment center, 2 coffee tables, 2 end tables, 2 couches, 2 table lamps, 2 lazy boy chairs, 1 pole lamp, 2 paintings, and various family photos. All of the hard...

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Introducing ---"me"!

Hello, from Ontario, Canada. My journey into woodworking had one goal: to make a box. That’s it.. .I just wanted to make a box, out of wood. Since I have absolutely no woodworking experience under my belt, I went online to find out how to meet...

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I just found out about this site and just joined. I have a workshop in my 2 car garage. When I bought our new house 3 years ago I told my wife the house was hers but the garage was mine. I have spent the last 3 years collecting tools and getting...

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an inspiration piece

anyone want to build and donate this to me??? :)

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I found this interesting: Firetruck Ladders Handmade, wooden, ladders are used by the San Francisco’s...

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Finishing Helpers: Jigs, Fixtures, Stands, Etc.

Howdy all! Painting auto parts is easy; hang them from the rack, set them on the fender stand, etc.; but wooden projects don’t lend themselves to such ease. With that, I’d be interested in seeing others’ finishing helpers. Anyone using Lazy...

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Pallet Freak

Mark here and I’m 72 and mostly retired. I build a lot of different things exclusively from reclaimed lumber. I mostly deconstruct pallets, crates and large one off pallets used to transport heavy machinery. I have used old signs, mirrors, or...

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Lazer Cutter/Engraver/Carver?

Searched Lazer in the forums search, and it brought up a ton of stuff, even my post about vacuum clamping, which had nothing in it about lazers. Hmmmm. :-/ So, with that, I’m posting new. Who’s using a Laser Cutter/Engraver/Carver? If you...

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David L. Whitehurst

Hardware, Brass I think

I’m building a nice wooden toolbox for my woodworking tools using sassafras. I think I want brass everything for hardware. I also may try to find stainless boat hardware. If I go with brass, does anyone have suggestions on keeping the polished...

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Hey everyone

Hello There, Just an old woodworker looking for new ideas, plans, and just to see what others are building out there. I build wooden toys, spoons, and cutting board for sale but I have built almost everything from boats to furniture, bowls to...

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some of my recent work

Hi I will introduce my self ,I,m 60 year old my original trade is a wooden boat builder ,and live in the forests of south West Australia

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Parks Super Glaze.

Ok, so here is what im doing. Im building a all wooden ice chest, meaning the inside of the chest itself will be hardwood. Im trying to figure out a better way for me to seal the inside wood so its waterproof an durable. My first chest i used a...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

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Porter Cable 5" Random Orbit Sander

Been wanting an electric orbital sander for a while, as I’ve been using my air powered auto body sander for years now. Has done a good job, but the small compressor, in the hangar, runs and runs. Figured I’ve spent as much on electricity as...

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What's Your Favorite Power Tool?

So, what’s your favorite power tool? Mine, the router. It’s SO versatile. My second favorite tool? The drill. If I could have only two power tools, they would be the router and the drill. How about y’all? Happy Wooding!

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I have a friend who own a little wooded area and he has found a cherry tree with a burl that is about 3’ in diameter. His question to me was: “Now what?” (He’d love to turn something and he also wonders if he can cut it into smaller pieces) ...

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G'day folks

HI , my name is Anthony Kimber. I reside in Summerside , PEI. I purchased an older home in 2013, and quickly realized that having even basic woodworking skills , would make homeowning (maintenance) a whole lot better. I am a true newb, when it...