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Top 5 can't-live-without-them woodworking gadgets?

What are your Top 5 can’t-live-without-them woodworking gadgets? … and why? ;)

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Upcoming Woodworking Events

What/where/when are the upcoming woodworking events? Please post: Date, Location, Website, and other pertinent information.

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Becoming a professional woodworking or not

As a professional woodworker many times over the years I’ve had a good number of people ask how they can become a full time woodworker,the answer is not simple. Most of the time my response to their question is “don’t wreck a wonderful hobby by...

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Jeff Vandenberg

micro woodworking

Is there anyone in this group that does micro woodworking? Questions I’d like to ask are… what kind of tools do you use? How complex is it? What kind of market is there for your projects? If others have questions to add please do so. I find this...

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Stumpy Nubs

Do you like digital woodworking magazines?

A lot of magazines now offer digital editions which can be read on your tablet, smart phone or computer. I used to prefer the paper editions, but lately I have really gotten into the digital ones. It’s nice to have a whole library of woodworking...

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Happy Holidays from WoodworkingWeb

We want to wish you a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season filled with joy and surrounded by loved ones. We’re so happy that you selected WoodworkingWeb as your online place to share and discuss your woodworking journey. Have the sharp...

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WoodworkingWeb Awards

Got the email with the following message… “WoodworkingWeb Awards: Dovetail Joint The Awards entry period is over and we ended up with 7 entries. Now it’s time to pick your top 5 list and cast your vote. Voting deadline is on Apr 30, 2016 at...

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What woodworking sources did you learn from and are you learning from now?

Hi Gang I was thinking back when I first started woodworking,back then there was no internet so I gained a lot of my knowledge from magazines and TV shows and of course trial and error. Back then my favorite magazine was "FineWoodworking " My...

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History: Woodworking in the 1600's

You know how the internet goes, you start out one place and you end up at ….. woodworking in the 1600’s! Of course! This is a clip from the ebook “The Project Gutenberg EBook of Woodworking Tools 1600-1900, by Peter C. Welsh” “The boxmaker...

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WoodworkingWeb Quarterly Awards

No place on the Results page of the Quarterly Awards to make a comment, so I want to say here, Thank You to the members for voting my Salt and Pepper Shakers second place winners, and Thank you to the Admin for sponsoring the contest! I look...

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Tom Haggerty

New to the WoodworkingWeb

Hello fellow artisans and craftsmen, My name is Tom and I will be looking for tips, and projects here in the site as well as sharing some of the things I do. I am located in New Jersey and am a modest woodworker dabbling in woodburning,...

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History: Woodworking Classes

I found these two photos online… very interesting. The first is from 1933 and the second is 1901,_1933.jpg ...

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Does anyone remember a "bed-in-a-box" type of woodworking plan?

I recall seeing a plan for a platform guest bed which all fit into a piece of furniture which was about 60” wide x 30” tall x 12” deep in a woodworking magazine about 20 years ago. I kept the idea in the back of my head in case there was ever a...

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Fun in my woodworking class

I thought I’d share some photos from one of my classes,I had a very busy class last week in my woodworking class, the topic for my workshop “table saw Techniques, jigs, and fixtures.

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Your 2018 Woodworking Goals

What are your woodworking goals for 2018?

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Woodworking Monthly

This seems like a good Idea and the Editorial written by Debbie is well written with interesting points,not having read all of it yet I’m assuming the rest of it is well done also just because Debbies involved with it’s creation. I do have one...

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Pricing, selling, what sells best. And woodworking videos

Hi. I am 48 and I live in Litchfield, Mn I am a devoted husband and father. I love woodworking especially scrollsawing. I like to make Christmas ornaments, crosses, wall hangings, puzzles, small games toys instruments, deco, etc. I also just...

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Some what new to woodworking

Hello Everyone I used to work in a shop in Calgary Alberta called Solid Stairs building spiral staircases, I was really young and didn’t fully appreciate the talent that surrounded me at the time. I recall bits and pieces of certain things and...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Woodworking Drawbore Joinery

Woodworking Drawbore Joiner (as noted workbench magazine copy right) Workbench Magazine featured two projects that were joined using an “old fashioned” technique: drawbore joinery. They used it to join the parts of a screen door, and to join...

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Martin Sojka

Black Woodworking Friday

Do you plan to upgrade your workshop with a shiny new tool today? Did you find a perfect Black Friday deal for your woodworking buddies? Share your plans and finds here…