Steve Tow

Back into woodworking after a couple decades! Things have certainly changed for the better in wood! Been working with some pretty basic tools, but im happy with what I have done. Thanks to everyone for sharing all their wealth of information, so freely!
If anyone is questioning joining this site, DON'T! The site is AWESOME, with some
Great people on it, and I do mean great!
Steve Tow

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Woodworking Shop 2015 #2: I'm Alive!!!! Starting back with my shop build.

Hi people ! I’m so glad to say that I’m up and running, I had a major detour last September. I got sick with I thought was the flu, but in 3 days I was in the hospital with a flesh eating bacteria! I was in the hospital for 65 days, and have...

Progress, not Perfection, lol

Very happy with my progress over labor day weekend! Bought a 5 lb box of 3 inch torx screws and went to town!!! I put 2×6×12 mudsill boards on the bottom of the runners on the outside floor frame, and one running down the middle, and...

Woodworking Shop 2015 #1: I've got to have more room for Woodworking!

Hi WWWeb People! Well, I have totally run out of room with my little 12’ X 8’ woodworking shed, and decided earlier this year, if I’m to be in the shop during the Minnesota winter, I’m going to be very unproductive if I have to shuffle...



Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

awesome site , tons of ideas and information .

Steve Tow ...

Wow, thanks to the Editors for naming me
The member of the week! !!
I am truly honored, and humbled!
Thanks to everyone for all their input and
Knowledge of this craft, and it truly is a great bunch people here, that contribute to this site!!!!
Thanks Again!!

James L Wilcox ...

Congratulations on Member of the Week.

Steve Tow ...

Thanks James!