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Forum: Woodturning

New here but see some familiar faces. Hope to learn more about woodturning from the folks here.

Lew- Time traveler. Purveyor of the Universe's finest custom rolling pins.


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Martin Sojka ...

Welcome Lew!

lanwater ...

You are in good company Lew.
We are all new here:) Welcome!

shipwright ...

Hi Lew. I’m afraid I can’t teach you anything about turning but it’s good to see you here. Maybe we can talk pizza. :-)

Lew ...

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! It is really appreciated!!

Pizza- I’m ready!!!!!

shipwright ...

Just fondly remembering a conversation about recipes following your “Emma Peel” presentation.

Moke ...

Welcome Lew!! There are a few of us turners on the site. I am not sure I am in any position to teach anyone, anything!!.. Hey I see you are a time traveler……in your next time travel back to the 1800’s could you pick me up some planes?

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

I’ll pitch in with a joke, too: Could you teach me how to make my workshop bigger on the inside? I’d love a room for wood storage and a room for finishing and a room for machines and a room for assembling but all I have is a room.

Welcome to the site!

Richforever ...

Welcome! It’s a great site.

Lew ...

Just got back and here’s a link to the past and lots of planes

This should get you started Back out a little and click on the “double arrows”