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I just got some new/very old planes. I need to some major rust removal. Any good ideas?

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lanwater ...

Not from this corner of the world.
This guy and many other used electrolysis :

lanwater ...

The link seems to be broken Don.

Madts ...

Thanks guys.

Don ...

thanks Wolf, for some reason when I copied and pasted from my phone it wouldn’t work.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

That URL had three dashes in it at one point. The website kept converting two dashes into a long hyphen. I was able to stop it by linking my text to the URL. I’ve never seen a URL with three dashes in a row and have no idea who thought that was a cool way to build a link and so I doubt anyone in admin for this site needs to worry about it. Anyway, cools site once I got to it :)

lanwater ...

That’s a great source of info Don,.
Thanks W&R!

Jeff B ...

If you have a die grinder, you can go to an auto parts store and get a little kit that is used by auto mechanics for cleaning up gasket surfaces. It’s a plastic holding fixture that fits the collet of the die grinder. There are little 2 inch scotch brite type pads that twist into the fixture. That and a little mineral spirits is what I use to remove rust.