Ryobi DP100 drill press help

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Ok so i purchased this a month or so ago, used. When i went to sure it the belt seemed too loose. I have been all over google and can not find what length the belt needs to be. Any help folks?


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Brian ...

Usually the motor is on a hinge so the belt can be tensioned. Try adjusting that before buying anything.

Brian ...


Where the motor mounts are, there appears to be an adjustment screw for tensioning. Number 15 in the picture.

Thorreain ...

Stupid me, thanks Brian. I sometimes forget that not everyone has had a drill press forever and are firmiliar with it, and since you got it second hand you prob didn’t get a owners manual with it. That may be something to get on line too is the manual. I just assumed it was a stretched belt but it’s more likely just not tightened all the way.

TonyCan ...

You guys are freakin awesome!! The motor has slides on it. I adjusted them out and bam!! Nice and tight belt. Thanks for the help guys!