DIY Surfacing Sander?

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When I taught shop, we had a Thickness Sander, that was awesome. Can’t afford to buy one, so I’d like to build one, similar to the photo. Anybody built their own Thickness Sander?

Keith "Shin" Schindler


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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Go to stumpy nubs .com he has plans for one. Look hime up on YouTube stumpy nubs

Shin ...

Thanks Jeff Vandenberg!

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Your welcome

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Watch “SNW50- Homemade TWO STAGE drum sander with Sand F…” on YouTube
SNW50- Homemade TWO STAGE drum sander with Sand F…:

shipwright ...

I built a very quick and easy one for my little winter shop that works as well (if with less thickness capacity) as my big dual drum sander at home. Hand feeding is easier than you might think and it is accurate enough to sand marquetry flat. The question is “do you have a lathe?”

Here’s how it works.

Shin ...

Interesting idea Shipwright. As a matter of fact, I have an OLD Shop Smith that spends most of its time sitting. That might be something to do with it. Hmmm.

The photo is what my Shop Smith looks like, although all the paint is gone. It was Grandpa’s (Father’s side), who I never met, but understand was into woodworking.

shipwright ...

Interesting. I have one of those too. I got mine for $50, cleaned it up and built a new bench top for it and now I use it frequently in my big shop back home. It’s the original model, the 10ER and was built until the Mark V came out in 1953. It should work just fine.
I have a blog on building the sander that I can re-post here if you are interested.

Shin ...

Nice looking Shop Smith, for sure. Mine definitely does not look that good. It sat outside for some time, when I didn’t have a garage or shed. Dad said it had to go, so go it went.

I tried to find your blog, but no Joy. Please post it, I am definitely interested.