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Just wondering if anybody is having the same trouble I’m having.
I can navigate to all the forums, blogs, and creations with no trouble.

On the Forums, I can see when the last comment was made on a forum topic but can’t see who made it, and when I click to read it I have to scroll all the way to the bottom each time,
( I don’t like that.)

When someone makes a comment on a “Creation”, I can’t find it, nothing shows where the comment was made or who made it, (unless you have the “following box” checked). It’s not feasible to follow every project to read comments.

“Blogs”, I can see when the blog was created but nothing shows when a comment was made on it.
For me, at the moment, it’s not user friendly enough to keep coming back.
I asked Martin about it last a couple of days ago, but have heard nothing back from him.

Is anyone else experiencing the same or can anybody tell me a better way?

PS: It also says there are 207 woodworkers, but when I check them out I can only see 62
(don’t know what’s up with that)


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lanwater ...

I see some forum topics have 8, 10 etc.. replies but when I open them I don’t see any.

lanwater ...

Maybe I am not interpreting the symbols correctly Like this:

I would assume 59 comments…

lanwater ...

Now I see them….???

Maybe my browser.

Martin Sojka ...

Tracking and highlighting of unread comments is on only in the discussions that you decide to follow by clicking on FOLLOW DISCUSSION. You are also notified about these new/unread comments in the header as well as email digest that is sent 6 times per day.

This allows to keep website fast and responsive as it grows (as opposed to having the tracking ON for all discussions).

Martin Sojka ...

lanwater – you should always see the comments.

Bentlyj ...

It would be nice if when you got a notification for a post that you are following, when you click to go to it, took you to the last unviewed comment instead of having to scroll to the bottom every time.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

That’s the only thing I’d like to see improved. Long threads can be tedious. Or a sort option for newest first in the comments?

Bentlyj ...

I really think you would have a lot more activity here if you made a feature like you had on your last site that resembled the “pulse”
When comments are made and they come to the top, more people would converse about them, therefor having more reason to follow along everyday.
Seeing who commented, and on what, makes it more interesting to read and also comment.