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Hi all, my name is John Self and I’ve been in the trades as a pro for 32 years. I have a great shop jammed into a two car garage, but garages are not for cars and trucks anyway! My favorite things to build is furniture and cabinetry. I have many pictures on FB that can be seen at Colorado Fine Woodworking. I’m willing to share my experiences to help others gain skills and keep from getting injured. It’s funny when I do milling sometimes because I end up with so many feather boards and other safety aids on the tool that it seems ridiculous to many laypersons who don’t get why I’m so nuts about safety. Still have all my fingers and toes, so I can count to twenty if I take off my shoes and socks! Looking forward to getting to know you all!



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Martin Sojka ...

Welcome John.

Thorreain ...

Welcome. I hope you enjoy the site as much as we do.

Moke ...

Welcome John….with all that experience, I look forward to picking your brain in the future!!

lanwater ...

Welcome John.
Looking forward to seeing your work and learn from it.

John Self ...

This is a picture of my tool box. Also handy as a resume!

John Self ...

Walnut with maple lined sunburst dovetails on clamshell top. Baltic birch with maple tool caddy (6 drawers) fits inside the well.

John Self ...

Toolbox in closed position, ready to go to work.

lanwater ...

beautiful work.
I like the inlaid joinery.

John Self ...

Thank you! It’s actually not inlaid, but fully doubled. Cut the walnut tails, make maple pin board, glue together and cut the tails again in the maple. Then it’s ‘let in’ into the curved walnut tops.
The maple goes all the way through the joint.. Very time consuming to cut it all twice.

lanwater ...

I was sure such is nice piece have double dovetails but could not remember the proper term:).
I have been fascinated by double dovetails since I saw a blog about it.
My only attempt was a total failure as I was a complete beginner then, I still consider myself a beginner.

Looking forward to see your work.