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I am building a couple of children’s rockers from scratch, I saw somewhere the tools I needed but cannot locate where I saw the items listed to make the seat indentation. There was several listed but I cannot remember what they were called or where I can buy them. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Robert Buckley


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Jack ...

Robert I have made a few chairs, stools and a love seat using a Holey Galahad scooping disc which you attach to a grinder. They have holes around the outer edge so you can see what and how much is being taken off. I got mine at Woodcraft but you might find them online for a lesser price.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Lee Valley has the hand held chair scoops you’re looking for. However, I personally do the exact same thing jack does. I have the same cutters but a Craftsman grinder. Lol its much faster and as Jack said you can see what you’re doing.

Robert Buckley ...

Thank you for your rapid response, I’ll look them up online and see if I can find them, not listed in the catalogs I have.

Thorreain ...

Here is one that fits on a grinder. I’m not sure if this is what you are after but this site has many types.
Or if you are looking for a plane solution thy here.

Jeff Vandenberg ...


Arbortech might have something your looking for. They have a turbo plane that you can dish out wood with. Or the mini grinder

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thorreain hey thanks for sharing that website. Ive been looking for a 1" sphere for doing twist legs for tables. No matter where i was looking they only were going up to 3/4" or 7/8" .

Thorreain ...

Hey Jeff that’s why we’re all here, to share.

Christopher Richard ...

Wow! I know what I’m ordering Asap! Thanks guys for sharing that info. I have made several chairs and had to make new seats for several that I have restored and I have been doing it the old fashioned way. Hand chiseling every bit of it! This will definitely make my job a lot easier and faster.

Robert Buckley ...

I ordered mine through woodcraft and also the universal mounting nut since it wouldn’t fit my Milwaukee which is really old.