Split head Hammer

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I bought my business 25 years ago and in the basement there was a very nice split head hammer. Having said that, I have no idea what it is meant for. Can someone shed some light on what I should do with it?

-- Mike

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It may be a tack hammer for upholstery if it is small. Is it magnetized?

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It would be a tack hammer. You can pick up the tacks by just float it above the tacks and voila, ready to go. also use in making pattern in the cloth making industry.

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That is a dead blow hammer. I used similar in sail-making on punches and setting grommets.

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Ok, this is beginning to make sense….my business is a Photographic Studio that is 70+ years old….I am the third owner and I have been here since 1978……at one time we have done a little of everything, I think. I found some really old and rusted, big punches, like to punch out the circles for photo buttons and some sort of oval frames. This must have been used for that, but it is in perfect shape. I have found other interesting things in the basement, but this one was a mystery to me…..Thanks Madts…I can sleep now.

Can I use this as a dead blow hammer for my lathes?


-- Mike

The leather mallet is in my opinion the best tool for striking harden steel. It does not give the recoil through the steel, that can cause it to shatter.
These mallets are not as pretty as the spectacular ones that Klaus makes, but they are also for another use.
With the leather mallet you can beat the shit out of any thing with out hurting the tool.
Some pics of the tool I use.

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