stanley plane parts compatibility

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Does anyone here and I’m sure one of you might know what parts you might or might not be able to mix and match among stanley handplanes ? Such for example if I had a sole from a jointer plane could I use a frog from a smoother? if I didn’t have the parts in front of me to compare how could I know.
See a lot of good deals on ebay and flea markets for parts I’m not looking for collector pcs I want to make users out of them. don’t want to get stuck with somthing totally unusable or not have a reasonable idea what I can or can’t use for somthing. Would appreciate any advice .

-- Mark DellaCamera

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There is some cross compatibility. 4s and 5s can share frogs, blades, and caps; same for 6 and 7. I believe 2 and 3 are the same but don’t quote me on that. There are others like a 10 I think borrows a frog and cap from a 4 but you’d have to modify a blade from a 6. That’s about all I know.

That helps I’m trying to get a jointer and they’re really pricey I was hoping to put one together from parts I’ve refinished a couple of old planes and I’ll use them but I enjoy the challenge of bringing old tools back from the dead I’ve had a few basket cases that I cleaned up and are in as good a shape as when new you can’t beat the old tools the steel alone seems like it holds an edge better and they seem more durable also

-- Mark DellaCamera

If it’s the same width blade, the parts should be interchangeable except possibly the knob and tote.

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