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Back in October 2013 my wife & I took a 14 day tent camping trip along the west coast from Los Angeles to almost the Washington border.
We visited many galleries and was able to tour some of the work shops .
I purchased several turning blocks and the wife found these mini vases in the bargain bin. I put a few on my lathe, sanded them & applied several coats of tung oil. The holes are for a small glass vial to hold flowers. The wife says they are for table place settings, I just keep learning LOL
check out myrtlywoodgallery.com
They sell slabs & turning blocks.

That was the best vacation ever

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Thorreain ...

Very nice jay. They certainly are decorative.

Steve Tow ...

Nice! !!
Ill have to check them out!
Myrtlewood is an enchanting wood.
I have just a little Burl veneer I’m saving for a nice box top!
Hi Jay, how are you folks?
Always love seeing what your up to,
I like using various materials, to make projects as well.
Take care!
Steve Tow
Happy Woodchips!

Jay ...

Thanks Thorreain, when I get them finished , she will give most of them away. I will take more pics with flowers in them & in their proper setting, the dining table.

We were able to walk through his shop as long as we stayed on the designated path. There was tons of turning blocks, slabs & carving pieces.
I was told that Myrtlewood only grows in one area of Oregon & Israel. It’s hard to identify because it has so many different shades & colors.
That was such a fun trip, we stayed on hiway 1 which runs right along the ocean. We stayed in campgrounds for safety & hot showers, did a lot of tailgate cooking & ate some local fresh seafood.
All is well with us, thanks for asking.
Have a happy & safe July 4th !!

Jay Smith

Jay ...

Thanks Bruce !!

a1jim ...

It’s a great wood that has a varied color and grain,very nice turnings

Kelly ...

One of the places your might have driven past let me dig through their cast off pile and I got several small pieces good enough to become turnings.

I suspect, if we got to know some locals, there’d be a bunch of it out there for the asking. Buying from the roadside places can get expensive.