Planer blades welded onto spindle

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I haven’t been doing really any woodworking all summer, but now that the weather is changing it’s time to come back inside and get back to work. Last spring I made a couple of things using African super hardwood ekki reclaimed from a pier in the south street seaport after hurricane sandy. This stuff is like iron. It completely destroyed my planer, an old rigid tp1300 I bought off craigslist a couple of years ago. Well, by “completely destroyed”, what I thought was just hyperbole based on the symptoms of the machine not cutting well and bit feeding well – I thought previously that it just needed new blades and a general tune up. Tonight I attempted to start that tune up and found that some of the nuts that hold the blades in place are welded in place, by heat from misuse, I assume. Although prior to running the ekki through it, I very gently used it and had good results. This is my first blade change so I don’t know if the nuts were like this before I bought it or if they became that way when I used it on the ekki.

Anyway, I can’t get the old blades out at all. Is there any way to save this machine or should I bite the bullet and look for another one that I can’t really afford at the moment?

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Try heat. Get a good propane torch and have at it. Impact wrench will also do it.
Spray with WD 40 or similar 24 hrs. before.


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Oh the evil yet beautiful Ekki ?. I have a couple of hundred board feet of it hoarded away and it is hard on the machines and me too. The last project I made with the stinky wood made me take a 6 month hiatus from my beloved woodshop. All I can say is if you sell your soul to the devil herself, you might be able to make a project with it and still have a machine or two left to continue woodworking. Best of luck to you Bro. ? Welded nuts?? The work of the evil Ekki.

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Try some stuff called PB Blaster , it has the best penetrating power I’ve seen .

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Bruce, I’ll pick some up today. Never used it before but I’ve heard of it.

Narinder, yes, oh yes that stuff truly is beautiful. I have a few 8 footers and a bunch of smaller cutoffs left. I’m not going to be running this stuff through the planer again. I’ll stick to milling it on the table saw, which will limit what I can do with it but I’m not doing to go through this exercise again.

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Not trying to be obnoxious, but are you sure you’re turning the bolts the correct direction? That seems to sometimes be a problem on some brands.

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