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My shop neighbor is a machinist and he was painting his floor white, I thought it kinda weird at first and then decided that it was kinda neat. I am considering doing the same.
Does this sound weird to anyone, painting the shop floor white?


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Brian ...

It will certainly brighten up the room. For that reason alone it’s probably a good idea. All painted floors are going to get scuffed up so what difference does the color make?

What is the floor? Concrete?

Timothy ...

Concrete floor 900 square feet. (Mine is the same) it really brightened up the room and gave it a really nice open feeling.

Brian ...

If you do epoxy paint, don’t make the same mistake I did. They tell you to acid wash the concrete first. I didn’t. It seems to be pretty important if you don’t want it to all flake up in a year. LOL

vince1ltd ...

I find the brighter the floor the easier it is to find parts and stuff that falls there. HEHE!

Thorreain ...

White should be great! Mine is grey, but very light, every time I paint it I paint lighter.