Gloat Worthy?

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I don’t know if this is gloatworthy, but I bought a Jet JMI 1014 off craigslist for $275.00.

It included:

- A set of (eight) “Benjamin’s Best” knives $100.00
- Two old knives, just because, and value unknown.
- A few turning kits for pen, etc $30.00
- Step chuck $107.00
- Pen turning mandrel $27.00
- Poly carbonate face shield

Add to the foregoing a stack of wood, including some zebra or similar wood. Enough for a few [or several] hundred blanks, if cut on the band saw.

Add to that, the live center I bought to turn, using my drill, fits it perfectly.

I’ve never even touched a lathe before, so this would make a great starter, I suspect. Too, it’ll allow me to quit beating up my drill press for those occasional turning jobs I have to do.

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good deal , you will love working with a lathe

-- Wheaties

Sounds like a “You suck” salutation is in order !!

-- Regards Rob

Yep, checked the price on Amazon, and that is indeed gloat worthy….and, as Robert said, You Suck….lucky dog

The kid who sold me everything said his friend sharpened his tools for him and said the no name knives (a gouge and a skew) weren’t worth sharpening.

I touched the gouge up with my 1" sander and used it to turn my first project, a cylinder mallet, from sycamore. It seemed like a valuable part of the collection.

I suspect the former owner wasn’t all in on his hobby. I turned a nice mallet (first real project) from a chunk of the several hundred pounds of sycamore I got from a craigslist free ad and it seems apparent sharpening breaks are a must, so sending knives out to be sharpened seems a quick way to kill a hobby before it starts.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker