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So recently I delivered this kitchen island with cutting board top. I oiled it with this stuff

Well now they rather seal it as they will not be using it as a cutting board, she said it looks too pretty to cut on.

How should I seal it?

Another thing, she said when ever she places anything on it it leaves a mark, is it too oiled?

Tia folks!

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Give it a good wash with mineral spirits to take off any excess oil and finish it with anything you want. I think something like danish oil might be good since it should mix in well with the other oil and there may be less adhesion issues. Is the client asking for polyurethane or something in particular?

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Great looking island.
Here’s an interesting thread about what to finish cutting boards with.

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Brian it will serve as an island now so i need something that will hold up to hot plates, sweaty cups, and normal kitchen stuff.

Any idea why it is getting marks when she puts something on it? I am trying to ge a picture to see what it looks like.

Thanks Jim.

How about bartop epoxy

Timothy, i gave that a thought, but i have never tried it.

Also to add to this i have to be able to do it at her house.