Hi y'all! New Mexican wood working.

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Hello all, my name is Doug. I’m looking for ideas, plans, andadvice. The only thing I’ve made is a pipe out of mesquite. After all the hard work just for a pipe, I fell in love with woodworking I’m working on acquiring tools now.

Ronnie D. Farmer


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a1jim ...

Hi there Doug, welcome to WWweb enjoy.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Acquiring new tools is a dangerous past time it’s as addictive as drugs and alcohol.

On a lighter note though welcome and if you ever need advice then ask there are some very talented wood workers in this forum.

Also let’s see the pipe!

RonnieFarmer ...

As soon as I get back, I’ll load it. Wow drugs and alcohol?! Luckily I don’t do either otherwise I’d say don’t threaten me with a good time! Thanks Jim and Whitacrebespoke!

Jack ...

Welcome Ronnie, sounds like the BUG has bitten you.

RonnieFarmer ...

Oh I was bit alright!!! It really is therapeutic for me. I have combat ptsd. Woodworking helps ease my brain from all the distractions caused by ptsd. I assume you were bitten also.

RonnieFarmer ...

This is just a starter. I have another one made of mesquite but l am too disappointed to display it here. This pipe will be rectangular shape with a darker stain. It’s oak with cross grains (making it a true challenge sanding by hand. Waiting for father’s day for my first official woodworking tool. Chisel and a decent drill.

RonnieFarmer ...

So this is wine (left) and Mr hanky (right)
Both mesquite, Mr. Hanky has a balsamic vinegar stain. This is the first whittling job I’ve done for relaxation since I was a child. So please be kind. I just figure that if i submerse myself in this, I’ll learn more hacks and tips.

David E. ...

I’m not that much into whittling. I’m too impatient! I’d have probably cut a finger off in the process also…. You did a good job on these! Keep it up!