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I wish that manufactures would indicate what threads are use in their products. Many times a nut or bolt is lost and trying to find a match can be a pain in the ass getting the right one. I even have some tools that have both. Also fine and coarse. not to mention Withworth threads.


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a1jim ...

Yes that would be a good idea Madts.

VKD ...

Madts, how are you? It’s been a long time.

kiefer ...

I agree it’s a PITA but that’s the global economy like it or not .


Brian ...

Most machine manuals list screw sizes, thank God. I lost a screw that vibrated out of the head lock on my planer once. Found the manual, went to the hardware store and I was back in business in short order. Then, of course I found the original screw on the floor immediately after I put the new one in.

All the hardware stores have those nuts and bolts identifiers so if you have a broken piece of it, at least you can identify what it is and buy a replacement. A little tougher when you don’t have any spares to bring or a manual that identifies the size.

Manitario ...

I bought these sets from Lee Valley a few years ago (they also have one for smaller sizes):,43456&p=69376

Honestly one of the most useful things in my shop, makes figuring out what bolt or nut to use so simple.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Don’t get me started on this one.

The only problem with telling you what each and every nut and bolt is, is that there is an extra cost involved to the manufacturer and a the can’t sell you a spare part at an extortionate rate.

I recently had to replace two roll bar links on my van from ford the parts were £26 each plus VAT which was a bit more expensive but as it was the none genuine replacement that had failed I thought it better to go gen. anyhow at the ends of these links there’s a ball joint with two threaded rods the threads are M12x1.50 as opposed to standard M12x1.75.
So I had to buy 4 new nuts well they were £4 each plus VAT I nearly fell over. Ridiculous for what at a nut and bolt place I could have got for 50p for the lot it would have only cost me £1.50 to have stainless ones.

RobsCastle ...

Couldnt resist adding some humour to the subject!!!

Kelly ...

Then there is the matter of big box and other stores selling dowels that fall to the metric side in a country where metric Forstners and such just aren’t readily available.

Kelly ...

Whitacrebespoke ...

Kelly we get the bloody opposite imperial dowels converted to metric so 18.5mm or 11mm. The worst is 16mm that’s actually 5/8s but is not quite 5/8 either so is not 16mm but not 5/8s either but is 15.7mm so is totally useless for getting any kind of bit to fit.

The other really annoying thing is the last decent uk bit maker has gone bust so now I’m buying wood owl bits that are a US brand but made in Japan so are all imperial with metric conversion but they don’t make metric. It’s getting to be a joke these days.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Get some pitch gauges so you know what threads you have