US Box Swap 2017

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Confirmed participants so far:

David E


Anything goes. Make any kind of box, any size, shape, color, wood, hardware, etc.

Everyone that’s in on this swap sign up on this thread.

Share your ideas, progress, questions, etc on this thread.

Participants get random matches at the end and you ship your box to your match at your cost. You will receive a box from a random match.

Shipping deadline is October 1 2017. Anyone can sign up right up to the deadline. You just need to be ready to ship by the deadline. Random matches will be selected shortly before. Well figure out when before we get to the deadline. Probably a few days before the deadline.

Open to US shipping addressees only, to keep it simple and keep the cost down. Of course, anyone can participate, but this swap ships to US only.

Let’s make this fun! Anything goes!


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Brian ...

I have one project to get out of the way before I start. It’s so important that I have to put this box project second. I lost the fish of my life yesterday. Truly a trophy. Lost her in the rocks as I was trying to land her. This beautiful 30+ lb striped bass took my lure with her, which was one I made that was very productive, so yesterday I set out to make 14 more all alike to replace it. This will take a week or more to turn, mill and paint. It may also be all the inspiration I need for the box. I’m thinking my box will be fishy. Getting the creative juices flowing now. How can I make a fishy box?

Madts ...

I am in.


Brian ...

Awesome. Let’s roll in a few more. Keep it going!

Madts ...

My box is done. Ready to go. By the way my box does not have a lid. Is that a problem?

Brian ...

Anything goes. So no problem. No restrictions on size, color, design, hardware, anything. You can make a box with no lid or you can make a box with a lid that doesn’t open or anything you can dream up.

But please give the rest of us a chance to catch up. We don’t ship until October or the end of September. :-)

Brian ...

I haven’t started mine yet. Its been too summery. Anyone else get started yet?

David E. ...

No, I haven’t. I have a design in mind though! It’s been one of those summers where I just don’t feel like doing anything out there. Bring on Fall!