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Hi folks sorry for my long absence but things have been somewhat hectic here in what has been nicknamed the Chaos Shop by a good friend as part of this hectic life I’ve got a couple of jobs restoring Georgian sash windows, so the chaos needs to go on tour.

As part of this tour I need to make a mobile work bench as there will be considerable hand and power tool works to be done. A Vice is essential to the way I work also as are bench dogs. But that in a mobile bench is it possible?

I’m looking at a Ron Paulk style bench with two layers of ply and fretted ribs between has any one tried it? My plan is to add one 150×50mm solid side to mount the Vice as well as having a piece of 75×50 under the top where my main line of dog holes will be. This type of bench gets me a top 1200×2400mm so is ideal to set the lights down on to re bed the glazing with fresh putty, other wise I would be making a knock down type traditional bench such as Paul Sellers makes.

Before I start though I thought I’d ask the knowledgable folks here for their advice.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.


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