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Hi all, I’ve just joined the group but must confess I’m no carpenter by far. My background was a roofer and now I’m a minister of religion , yes a higher calling now ;-)
The reason I’m excited about starting up and learning again some woodwork skills is my son 12 years of age has recently informed me that this year for Christmas he wants power tools and a woodwork bench to start a new hobby. So I’ve made room in the garage and plan to build with him a bench to start of. Thanks to someone on this site for sending me a plan to get me going.
I must admit I’m just as excited to starting than he is and have spent way to much in tools already lol
Hope to post after Christmas the bench we try to build together as our first project.
Anyway that’s me for now and again thanks to this great site for help and inspiration.


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Moment ...

greetings !

Brian ...

What a great thing to be able to share a hobby with your son. I tried to get my son into woodworking, but instead he got me into fishing and I’m hooked on both with no time for either. ;-) But at least we get to spend some quality time together.

ladz ...

yes Brian it is, and I also go fishing and shooting with him so time management is very hard. would be easier if the wife joined in and had the same hobby lol.
he is the youngest of five and all have been interested in like minded things so I have been blessed in that. soon be taking the grandchildren along to, and hopefully by then be able to make and show them some woodwork skills, pieces.
there really is some great items on this site and much talent for me to learn from.

a1jim ...

Welcome to WWW I hope you enjoy your time here.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Take a look at paul sellers on YouTube he has the best series going on making work benches and is just starting another series on the subject it’s a great bench as a starter too.

Personally I’d be getting him started with hand tools for a few very simple reasons, it introduces a very high attention to detail, handtools by their very nature produce high standards of tool maintainece (a poorly maintained had tool does not get good results), it opens up vastly more options in what can and cannot be under taken, power tools and jigs can be very limiting in the early days, high quality hand tools can be cheaply acquired second hand also working by hand in the earlier days helps to build an in-depth understanding of timber, reading the grain pattern and how to work to achieve a result.

All that said I think a table Saw is a useful power tool/ machine and worth the investment the rest you can get around with hand tools.

I run what’s called a Hybrid shop and I do a good portion of my work with hand tools.

ladz ...

thanks for that advise, I plan on him learning to use hand tools and have also acquired already some books on different joints and how to etc.
need to learn myself as well to be fair, but looking forward to the many hours soon to be spent in the garage with him. now sourcing the wood, materials and just reminded my self how expensive that can be lol… just bought a thicknesser, planner as well: as some of my building friends will let me know when theres some surplus bits to be binned.

Whitacrebespoke ...

What we would call Red deal here in the U.K. is a great timber to start on its cheap readily available and nice to work. After that clear Yellow pine and Douglas Fir are great timbers to be using for practice they work lovely and easily and are not total killers on tools.

ladz ...

well me and the lad as I said where out christmas day to start making a bench and after a few hours a day when the wife was watching a movie this is what we produced. now to think what next to make lol…as I said Im no joiner, so please be kind lol

a1jim ...

That’s going to be a great item to have if you’re going to be building more projects.well done.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Two things and they are more practicalities are you left handed? If not your vice is at the wrong end of your bench.

If right handed Vice extreme left, if left handed Vice extreme right.

My other pet hate is wheels on a bench as you will end up chasing it around. There is an easy fix for this though if you really do need to move it around. Take a couple of pieces of inch and a half thick timber that is about 6mm 1/4 inch wider than the height of your castors to bottom of your legs. Attach this to the bottom of the legs with suitable hinges. Then when bench is in position you wish to use it flip your timbers down and push the bench up on to them so it’s solid and you don’t need to chase it around. Then when you wish to move the bench you can knock it off the blocks and flip them up.

If you chamfer the corner that touches the floor first it will push its self up onto the first block.

It’s a good starter bench you will have lots and lots of fun with it I assure you.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Where in the world are you? The box of screws came from toolstation I’d say. If U.K. and it’s not to far from me you would be welcome to come to my shop for some starter lessons/pointers to get you both on your way

ladz ...

I’m aware about castors but I do need to move about as space is tight, and that’s a good solution you have suggested. As for vice I am right handed but my son is left and as my wife is already reminding me it is for him lol I probably will at some time put one on the other ?

As for where I live I’m in Whitby North Yorkshire
And if it’s to far thanks for the kind offer of guidance.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Great well that solves the Vice issue. If you could pull it away from the wall far enough to use it one opposite your sons Vice would work a treat.

I’m based in north Warwickshire 20mins from the NEC so if your in the area or fancy making the trip you would be welcome.

Manitario ...

Nice looking bench! That’s where most of us seem to start with this hobby is with making a bench. I started with a $100 tablesaw and a cheap mitre saw and my first real project was a plywood bench.