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I need help locating a source for glider bearings. I have searched all the online suppliers i can find and nobody has the size i need. They are a 7/8 OD flange bearing with a 7/16 non threaded center. There is no manufacturer tag on the chair anywhere. Anyone have any ideas where i might be able to find them?


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lightweightladylefty ...


I’m not certain how much help I can be but I can tell you how I found bearings for my planer. I took the old bearing to an auto parts store and they told me what it was. They wanted 4 times as much as I could buy it online, so I looked online until I found what I needed. In doing so, I became (slightly) more educated on bearings and figured out how to interpret their codes. That was a couple of years ago and I can’t now remember all that I learned, but I did find that they are generally measured in mm and in all three dimensions (thickness, i.d. and o.d.). Different companies have difficult codes for a smooth interior. I think mine were coded ZZ which I think is smooth inside and out.

If you go to a site like this, you can click on a few links and learn more about how to find a correct replacement.

Wishing you success!


lightweightladylefty ...

P.S. I bought mine on eBay from Trans Bearing Company.


Whitacrebespoke ...

Sorry for the majorly slow reply, do you have one as a pattern? If so take that to a bearing and belt specialist supplier. In the U.K. you would not have much luck in an auto parts store as they would ask you for a registration number as no one can think with out a computer in the U.K. any more.

Even with out a pattern I’d take any photos and sizes to a bearing supplier they will help you. Once you know the correct number you will be able to order repeats easily