Another attempt at creating something ;-)

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Well after starting another wood project now the bench is built I thought I would make the wife something to justify the hours I vanish into the garage again lol
I am sorry but I opted for screw jointing for now but do plan on attempting a proper jointing method soon. So what next ? A coat stand I think for the hallway ;-)


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David A Sylvester ...

Very nice my wife wants me to make her one like this but with a drawer on top.

ladz ...

That would be good david, I’m not tried a drawer yet as still developing ;-)

Madts ...

Well Ladz you are off to a good start.


a1jim ...

Joinery is a key point to woodworking but I think we all may have started using screws when we first started, the first priority is happy wife happy life :))

Whitacrebespoke ...

While it’s true Joinery makes or breaks a piece, for the purpose screws are fine and it’s a very tidy looking piece.

A simple mortice and tenon would be a good upgrade on the screws. They are more technical though.

Good luck with the coatstand.

ladz ...

Whitacrebespoke ...

Great work again, simple and effective.

RobsCastle ...

Looks OK to me, screws are good, and being a pocket hole user I see no problem with them.
Keep up the good work!