Wondering: 2018 exchange?

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I enjoyed following the 2017 exchange last year…. will there be another one this year?


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Moment ...

I asked my assistant , Mr. Wigglesworth , to do some
intense research on your question. He said the answer
was, and I quote , “very doubtful” .http://www.ask8ball.net/
Mr. Wigglesworth only has a third grade education , but
he is very quick with a mouse .

Jack ...

I didn’t get to participate last year but I would like to this year.

Madts ...

I think that a plane would be a good idea.


MsDebbieP ...

so, one “doubt it”, one “like” and one “idea”

I’m picturing a “mini plane” – easier and cheaper to ship.

Madts ...

I’m all for a mini plane. 3" to 4" is a good size to keep in the bib while working. Krenov style is an easy way to start with the first plane you make.