I Have a new website ,how about your feedback?

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He everyone I’ve finally upgraded my website, would you mind giving me your thoughts, I’m open to constructive ideas on what could be improved. https://www.artisticwoodstudio.com/
Thanks so much,

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Michal Bulla ...

Hey Jim, I like your new website.

Just one idea: on the home page, the Picture Rotator looks much better with landscape pictures rather than with portrait pictures(first picture). Also, it seems like the third picture in rotator is a stock picture and it still has the watermark which doesn’t look very professional.

a1jim ...

Hi Michal
Thank you for your help and suggestions, I hadn’t noticed the watermarks before.

Jack ...

Great website Jim, very complete. In looking at a few other sites, for example Brian Boggs website, his photos feature his chairs without any background clutter. I assume this is accomplished with a background eraser app but the pieces really jump out at you. Just an idea. Again great site, good luck Jim.

a1jim ...

Thanks Jack very good input.

MJCD ...

Very nice site – the pictures speak volumes about the values and skills you bring to the craft. I’m not sure where you find the time to do these things.

Stay active.

a1jim ...

Thanks for your input Mike. If your speaking of making the website that and the photos are all thanks to my son Joseph a most talented, the teaching part has become very busy but enjoyable.

MJCD ...

Actually, I was referring to your schedule – the teaching, holding classes, doing fine projects; taking on new things. I spend so much time grand-parenting, alone, that I have to steal time for the shop… everything else receives precious little..


a1jim ...

Good for you Mike I love woodworking but family is the most important if you don’t pay attention before you know it those grandkids are grown and gone.