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I am building a dining room table with a top of approximately 44” by 65”. The bottom will be painted with lamp black milk paint and the top will be oak with only clear topcoat. I have a supply of beautiful oak just the right length to make the top cross grain rather than running the 65 “ length of the table. My question is have you seen a table with cross grain and did it just look weird? Advantages would be getting to use a supply of great looking oak versus having to do lots of glue ups. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions.



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Madts ...

One idea is to build table top cross cut, and then add visual confusion.


a1jim ...

The reason most people build tables with the grain running across the width, rather than having it having it run the full length is that doing this creates much more wood movement possible creating a problem for attaching the top.

Jack ...

Thank you guys, just the information I needed. I just had a complete knee replacement last week so it will be awhile before I get started. Many thanks.

a1jim ...

Hope your knee heals up quickly Jack Merry Christmas.

Jack ...

Thank you Jim, Merry Christmas.