Wolf (& Rabbit!)

I'm Wolf, or Alec if you're my Mum. I'm married to Rabbit. There is no me without she. She works with me on design issues most of the time. A Canadian living in Wales.

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Some assembly required.

Building a flip up dinette table for a canal narrowboat. It has to be a coffee table, a dining table and a bed…wish me luck.

Reclaiming the past

Over the last few weeks some developers have demolished an abandoned school. I walk past it every Friday and for the last five I’ve come home with the biggest chunk I could carry. I’ve begun milling it into usable boards. The wood is pine and fir...

New bathroom

Well it’s been fun in the wolf and rabbit den. We’ve rebuilt our bathroom. It was originaly decorated in the ’90’s but in a perverse seventies way. We discussed, rabbit and I, the options and finaly decided on a sort of Cape Cod thing. I looked...


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